World Aircraft Services goal is to provide top notch customer service for arrivals/departures for business and cargo aircraft. World Aircraft Services has a dedicated team of professionals that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support your service needs.

We provide the following services for our clients:

Aircraft Parking

World Aircraft Services can arrange parking for aircraft up to the size of a Boeing 747

VIP Terminal

World Aircraft Services can arrange use of the VIP terminal for your VIP Passengers/guests.

Crew and Passenger Assistance

World Aircraft Services staff members will ensure your VIP Passengers and flight crew members will be taken where they are needed quickly and efficiently.


World Aircraft Service will arrange aircraft de-icing for aircraft

Hotel Arrangements

World Aircraft Services has contracted rates with various hotels for crew members and VIP Passengers.

Water/Lavatory Service

World Aircraft Services will provide water/lavatory service for your aircraft.

Aircraft fueling arrangements

World Aircraft Services has contracts with local fueler to obtain best fuel price available.

Catering Arrangements

World Aircraft Services has various vendors to get the best catering available for your VIP Passengers

Transportation Arrangements

World Aircraft Services has various transportation vendors offering limousines to minivans.

Landing/Overflight (Traffic Rights) Permits

World Aircraft Services has direct access with the Kazakhstan Civil Aviation Authority which allows us to obtain landing and overflight permits for your aircraft.(Proper aircraft documentation required from operator)